Windows Forensic Analysis queries

Windows Forensic Analysis queries

This article includes a  list of queries to conduct forensic analysis on Windows systems. 

These are categorized into sections as - 



    file system activities,

    user login/session activities,

    network traffic.  

These queries are written with generic where clauses or with an intention to direct/introduce the analyst to relevant tables. 

As an example a process which was running at certain times, files downloaded/uploaded,  user login/logouts, sites visited, installed applications, changes to security settings, etc. 

 -- A.Processes, exes, services 


    -- A.1 capture list of process exe - global data /Time machine/ Real-time query. 

SELECT upt_hostname,
       From_unixtime(last_execution_time) AS lastExcutionTime,
FROM   prefetch_process_exe_times
WHERE  upt_hostname LIKE '%abc%'
       AND pf_process_exe LIKE '%abc%'
       AND upt_day = '20200223'

    -- A.2 Generate a list of services from the asset 

FROM   services
WHERE  user_account LIKE '%LocalSystem%' 

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