SAML Configuration

SAML Configuration

Uptycs supports SAML 2.0 authentication and is configured on the back-end by Uptycs Customer Success Team.

Before generating metadata file on your side, request Uptycs to provide the config xml with contains Uptycs public cert.

Here are the other configs needed for SAML configuration.

SP Entity ID: uptycs-<domain> e.g. uptycs-orange
SSO URL: https://<domain> e.g.
or https://<domain>

Following  are the SAML attribute keys / assertions used.

role - String array data type

Following information is needed by Uptycs to configure SAML authentication. End user can provide Uptycs with metadata.xml file, which includes these data points.

Cert / cert file

SAML Issuer

SAML Entry Point

Please open a support ticket and we will request all config details to be uploaded to a secure site, which will be provided in the ticket.

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