Query to find Processes Running

Query to find Processes Running

Processes running between certain times

SELECT * FROM windowed_processes p WHERE p.upt_add_time >=  <TIMESTAMP> AND p.upt_add_time <= <TIMESTAMP>;


All processes running between 2018-07-18 2:00 to 2018-08-18 3:00

SELECT * FROM windowed_processes p WHERE p.upt_add_time >= TIMESTAMP '2018-07-18 06:00:00.000' AND p.upt_add_time <= TIMESTAMP '2018-07-18 09:00:00.000';

Processes running at a certain time

SELECT * FROM windowed_processes p WHERE <TIMESTAMP> BETWEEN p.upt_add_time AND p.upt_remove_time;


All processes running at 2018-07-18 2:00

SELECT * FROM windowed_processes p WHERE TIMESTAMP '2018-07-18 09:00:00.000' BETWEEN p.upt_add_time AND p.upt_remove_time;

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