Query to find Inbound / Outbound connections on Mac

Query to find Inbound / Outbound connections on Mac

WITH mac_assets AS (SELECT t.upt_asset_id

FROM upt_asset_tags t

WHERE t.key = 'upt-mac-edr')

SELECT DISTINCT pos.upt_asset_id,








WHEN pos.pid = lp.pid THEN 'INBOUND'


END AS directionality

FROM process_open_sockets pos JOIN mac_assets m ON (pos.upt_asset_id = m.upt_asset_id)

join processes ps

ON ( ps.pid = pos.pid

AND ps.upt_asset_id = pos.upt_asset_id )

left join listening_ports lp

ON ( pos.pid = lp.pid

AND pos.local_port = lp.port

AND pos.upt_asset_id = lp.upt_asset_id )

WHERE pos.pid <> 0

AND pos.local_address NOT IN ( '::1', '' )

AND pos.local_port <> 0

AND pos.upt_added = TRUE

AND ps.upt_added = TRUE

AND lp.upt_added = TRUE;

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