Find Realtime queries executed in the last 24 hours

Find Realtime queries executed in the last 24 hours

This article includes the query to find all the real time queries that were executed in the last 24 hours

WITH queries
     AS (SELECT Json_extract_scalar(logs.api_body, '$.query')   AS query,
                Json_extract_scalar(logs.api_body, '$.type')    AS TYPE,
                Json_extract_scalar(logs.api_body, '$.filters') AS filters,
         FROM   upt_api_audit_logs logs
                inner join upt_users u
                        ON = logs.created_by
         WHERE  logs.api_name LIKE '%queryJobs'
                AND logs.api_method = 'POST'
                AND logs.api_requested_time >
                    Date_add('hour', -24, current_timestamp
                AND logs.upt_day > Cast(Date_format(localtimestamp -
                                                    interval '48' hour,
                                        AS INTEGER))
FROM   queries
WHERE  TYPE = 'realtime'
ORDER  BY api_requested_time DESC 

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