AWS Tag Creation From Uptycs Saved Queries

AWS Tag Creation From Uptycs Saved Queries

This script applies AWS tags to resources based on an Uptycs saved query.

It uses the AWS Python SDK (boto3). 

Usage:   python3 <uptycs_apikey_file> [-q <"query name"> | --all] -k <key> [-v <value>] -ec2 -s3 -efs -vpc -user -role [--domainsuffix <domain>]

Example 1: python3 john_apikey.json -q "My Instance Query" -k environment -v production -ec2

Example 2: python3 john_apikey.json -q "My S3 Query" -k region -v europe -s3

Example 3: python3 no_need_for_uptapikey --all -k ubiquitous -ec2 -efs -s3 -user -role

Required query columns for each resource type:  ec2  - instance_id  

                                                efs  - file_system_id  

                                                role - role_name  

                                                user - user_name  

                                                vpc  - vpc_id

The --domainsuffix flag is only needed for domains others than ''

The --all flag can be used instead of a query (-q flag) to tag all resources of the specified type(s).

The resource type flags that can be used are: -ec2 -s3 -efs -user -role -vpc.

Only one resource type flag can be used with a query (-q flag).

One or more resource type flags can be used with the --all flag.

AWS credentials can be setup with 'aws configure'

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