API: Scheduled Queries

API: Scheduled Queries

Following is an example for creating Scheduled Queries


"name": "Test query scheduled 10",
"type": "scheduled",
"description": "demo query",
"query": "SELECT pid FROM processes where upt_server_time between :from and :to LIMIT 10",
"executionType": "all",
"custom": true,
"destinations": [
"id": "295c2d91-4dd8-4d42-a953-36f438a28127"
"querySchedule": {
"intervalSeconds": 80,
"enabled": true

Note : Use upt_server_time in the where clause instead of upt_time to make sure we capture all data - even when there is a delay in backend processing.

To create Scheduled Query

urestapi -k authcode/allinone_admin.json -m POST -a /queries -D scheduledquery.json

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