Release notes-Release 98047

Release notes-Release 98047

January 28, 2022

New Feature Quarantine List

  • View and manage quarantined hosts in real-time on the Quarantine List page. For more information, see Quarantine List.


  • Capability to filter each column of the Top Non Compliant Resources section on the Cloud Non-compliance dashboard. For more information, see Cloud > Compliance > Non-compliance.

  • New toggle to enable or disable Cloudtrail Monitoring for an AWS integration. When enabled, it allows monitoring the events specified in trails or buckets of an AWS account. For more information, see AWS Integrations.


  • New configuration option to enable or disable Uptycs Managed Tags. When enabled, Uptycs can automatically reset and update the tags provided by feature sets to factory settings. For more information, see Configuration.

  • Support for OS-specific event exclusion rules. For more information, see Event Exclude Profile.

  • Support to assign multiple event exclusion profiles to assets or tags. Assigning multiple event exclude profiles creates a union of the event exclude profiles associated with the assets or tags. For more information, see Event Exclude Profile.

Added/enhanced the following APIs. For more information, see the API Documentation.

/assets/quarantinedHostsEnhanced Provides a list of quarantined assets.
/assets/remediationActionsEnhanced Provides a list of remediation action history of an asset.
Created new fields
  • eventExcludeProfiles to hold the ID of the event exclude profiles assigned directly
  • tagEventExcludeProfiles to hold the ID of the event exclude profiles assigned via tags.
Deprecated fields
  • eventExcludeProfileId
  • activeEventExcludeProfileId
  • activeEventExcludeProfileSource
/tagsEnhanced Created a new field eventExcludeProfiles to hold the ID of the event exclude profiles. Deprecated the eventExcludeProfileId field.
/detections/{detectionID}/edge/:{edgeId}/remediationEnhanced Kills processes which are part of a branch in detection graph.

  • The issue with some alert rules being re-enabled after the cloud software update is now resolved.