Release notes-Release 81044

Release notes-Release 81044

May 12, 2021

Audit Groups

A new AUDIT GROUPS tab is available on the Configuration > Audit Rules page. An audit group is a collection of audit rules. Use the AUDIT GROUPS tab to seamlessly create and manage audit groups and assign those to assets directly or by using tags. For more information, see Audit Rules.

Endpoints Dashboard - Insights

A new drop-down filter is available on the Users with most activity section of the Endpoints > Insights menu. Use this filter to view the bar chart data only for the selected events. For more information, see Insights.

Kubernetes dashboard

Improvements in the Kubernetes dashboard to monitor build-time, deploy-time and run-time scans for clusters. For more information, see Kubernetes dashboard. Contact Uptycs support to activate the Kubernetes features.


Support for Kubequery, which is an osquery extension to provide SQL-based analytics for the Kubernetes clusters. Kubequery enables security and configuration monitoring for Kubernetes and displays the telemetry in the Uptycs Kubernetes dashboard. For more information, see Kubequery.

Added/enhanced the following API support:

When Kubequery is deleted from the Kubernetes cluster, the following issues found in the upt_kube_assets table:

  • The status column is reporting the status as 'Active'.
  • The cluster_alias column is reporting incorrect cluster alias.