Release notes-Release 80049

Release notes-Release 80049

April 25, 2021

Navigation menu

Re-arranged the left navigation menu items for easy navigation across the UI. For more information, see Uptycs help.

Kubernetes dashboard

New Kubernetes dashboard monitors cluster activities and compliance. Use the Settings menu to configure security policies for Kubernetes cluster admissions enforced by Kubequery. For more information, see Kubernetes dashboard.

Search capability - Users

A new search bar on the Users page enables a quick search and filter option for the configured users. For more information, see Users.

Automated threat books

Support to create threat books automatically when Uptycs detects malicious domains or IP addresses from the daily threat feeds. The automated threat books are retained in Uptycs for seven days from the last updated date. For more information, see Threat Books.

Threat profiles

A new configuration option - Threat profiles - is available to configure Threat group profiles and Toolkit profiles. For more information, see Threat Profiles.

EC2 dashboard

Enhanced the EC2 dashboard to display the number, status (for the last 30 days), and details of the AWS EC2 instances - With osquery and Without osquery. For more information, see AWS dashboards.

Non-compliance dashboard

The non-compliance dashboard (host and cloud) includes an enhanced filter to show all the compliance checks or only the compliance checks with changed results. The formatted evidence details are displayed in the full-screen dialog. For more information, see Host compliance and Cloud compliance.