Release notes-Release 79033

Release notes-Release 79033

April 6, 2021

Download filtered assets list

Added support for downloading filtered assets list in a CSV file from the Assets under management page. For more information, see Asset management.

Recent remote user activity

On the Asset Details > Asset Insights page, added a new section Recent remote user activity. This section displays the recent remote user login details. For more information, see Asset Details.

Cloud compliance

Added the following enhancements to the Cloud compliance page:

  • A bar chart to display passed/failed checks.
  • Date range filters for the line chart.

For more information, see Cloud compliance.

Cloud resources

Added a color-coded bar to indicate passed/failed cloud resources on the Cloud resources page. For more information, see Cloud compliance.

Non-compliant hosts

On the Host Compliance page, added a new icon to view the Non Compliance Dashboard page to monitor non-compliant hosts. For more information, see Non-compliant hosts.

VirusTotal links

Added VirusTotal links in the SIGNALS tab quick-view mode. Click these links to see more information about SHA/IP/Domain on the VirusTotal website. For more information, see Detections.

Added/enhanced the following API support to:

Display main IP and gateway information upon GET request.
/threatGroupProfilesManage threat group profiles.
/toolKitProfilesManage toolkit profiles.