Release notes-Release 101028

Release notes-Release 101028

March 11, 2022


  • Enhanced support for Remediation and Blocking:

    • Specify blocking policy values in bulk via lookup tables.
    • Add new firewall rules for Windows.

    For more information, see Remediations and Blocking.

  • Bulk update osquery for assets using the Update osquery action icon on the Asset Management page. For more information, see Asset Management.


  • Manage cloud services in bulk is supported for AWS account integrations only in this release. For more information, see AWS Integration > Manage Services.


  • Manage the list of active K8s clusters for a deployment profile from the Action column on the K8s Deployment Profile tab. For more information, see Deploy-time Scan.


  • Github authentication for sign-in to Uptycs is now available. For more information, see Getting Started.

  • Filter data for the Log4j Exploit Tracker dashboard using a time filter. For more information, see Log4j Exploit Tracker.

  • View system flag profiles on the Flag Profiles page and Asset Details page. For more information, see Flag Profiles and Asset Details.

  • Deprecated the following reports, dashboards, and query packs with better alternatives:

    ReportsCIS independent LinuxHost compliance dashboard

    CIS independent Linux for a single hostHost compliance dashboard

    Compliance dashboardDedicated compliance dashboards for host, container, and cloud
    Dashboardsuptycs_fim_dashboardFIM dashboard

    uptycs_mac_dashboardMac health dashboard

    uptycs_mac_edrMac health dashboard


    uptycs_overviewOverview dashboard
    Query Packsvulners-ports-certificatesCompliance checks

    cis_independent_linuxCompliance checks

    appleCompliance checks

    uptycs-osx-attacksCompliance checks

    uptk8sCompliance checks

    soc2Compliance checks

    pciCompliance checks

    mac_health_checkCompliance checks

    win2012Compliance checks

    fed_rampCompliance checks

    linux_health_checkCompliance checks

    win2012_demoCompliance checks

Added/enhanced the following APIs. For more information, see the API Documentation.

/containter/images/packagesDisplays package details for the specified image.
/container/images/scanhistory/buildtimeDisplays history of image scan during build.
/container/images/scanhistory/runtimeDisplays history of image scan during runtime.

  • Export of invalid detections JSON files is now resolved.

  • The vulnerability counts mismatch between the vulnerability dashboard data and the downloaded spreadsheet data is now resolved.