Portal 54052 : Release Details

Portal 54052 : Release Details

Welcome to Uptycs portal 54052, released Feb 4, 2020


Scheduled queries with custom HTTP destination

With this release of Uptycs, you can schedule unattended query runs with the capability to send data to a custom http destination. For more information, see Uptycs help > Configuration > Data export.

Asset group based data retention policy

Retention policy can be specified for all custom asset groups. 

For more information, see Uptycs help > Features > Data retention.


Alerts GUI - Alert Rule Filter

Starting with this release, alerts can be filtered based on alert rules. For more information, see Uptycs help > Alerts > Alert management.

Alerts GUI - Capability to filter by URL query parameters

Alerts can now be filtered by passing URL query parameters. For more information, see Uptycs help >  Alerts > Alert management > URL Filters.

Notable changes

Default event exclusion profile

With this release, if there are no event exclusion profiles configured, a default event exclusion profile is automatically assigned. This exclusion profile is added to reduce data noise for certain events. Please refer to the following article for further details - https://support.uptycs.com/support/solutions/articles/44001899156-default-exclusion-profile

Let us know if you have any questions / concerns,

Uptycs Support Team