Portal 48030 : Release Details

Portal 48030 : Release Details

Welcome to Uptycs portal 48030, released Oct 22, 2019


Tag based JavaScript EventRules using API

With this release Uptycs provides the capability to assign JavaScript EventRules to a subset of assets based on tags using API. This allows you to selectively generate events and alerts for further analysis.

Ability to download osquery package independent of flags and secrets files

This feature allows flexibility to download osquery package independent of flags and secrets, which allows users to maintain their own private repository. This can be achieved using API / UI.

Notarized osquery package (Mac)

Starting with this release, for Mac end points, downloading osquery package (version or higher) independent of flags and secrets file would download notarized osquery package.


Improved UI for grid actions

For all UI grids, the actions column will group all actions if there are three or more actions available. If there are less than three actions available, the icons corresponding to all actions will be displayed on the main screen. Action icons also have improved hover styling and tooltips. Multi-select action icons in the top toolbar of grids no longer have bottom labels, but will have the improved tooltips / hover styling applied.

Notable changes

Derived group name changes for Asset Groups

With this release, asset groups created by asset group rules will change based on how the asset group rule result is processed. Prior to this change the convention was <asset-group-rule-name>=<value-from-query>. Going forward, the group name will simply be <value-from-query>

Asset groups created in prior releases using existing rules are not removed, so that visibility to their existing data is not lost.

Let us know if you have any questions / concerns,

Uptycs Support Team