Portal 45008 : Release Details

Portal 45008 : Release Details

Welcome to Uptycs portal 45008, released August 26, 2019

Following are other notable fixes / improvements

API Key security enhancements - Starting with this release, any newly created API key can be downloaded only once - when the key is created. A user can create 2 API keys. The owner of the API key may delete / disable their own API keys. Other privileged users in the system only have the capability to disable / enable other users' keys.

UI Enhancements / fixes

  • Query pack UI update - Query pack UI has been updated to use Uptycs grid format.
  • Alerts corresponding to an asset is displayed as part of the Assets detail page.
  • Destinations UI has been converted to Uptycs grid.
  • On Assets screen, tags column enhanced with a +Nmore chip - With this enhancement, an user can see all tags assigned to an asset by selecting the +Nmore chip.

Let us know if you have any questions / concerns,

Uptycs Support Team