Portal 42025: Release Details

Portal 42025: Release Details

Welcome to Uptycs portal 42025, released July 17, 2019

New!!! Introducing YARA support

With this release, Uptycs provides YARA support, which provides the capabilities to classify and identify malware. Currently, this feature is only supported on Windows and Ubuntu.

Following are other notable fixes / improvements

UI Enhancements

  • New and enhanced Auto Tag Rules view : Auto Tag Rules configuration view updated to utilize sortable, filterable table format with multi-select actions.
  • Overhaul of Custom Profile edit screen : Custom Profile edit screen updated to utilize sortable, filterable table format with the capability to edit individual table intervals in the cell.
  • Read-only screen added to FIM configuration

Lookup table for event scripts : This feature helps upload data using API and reuse these data points in the event script do perform various actions like whitelist / blacklist / decoration.

Let us know if you have any questions / concerns,

Uptycs Support Team