Portal 33014 : Release Details

Portal 33014 : Release Details

Welcome to release 33014, released Feb 21, 2019. 

Following are the key fixes/improvements in this version:

Investigate 2.0 - The much awaited new investigate UI has been released. The primary new capability is the Time Machine interface, which allows setting of time period using UI control and start issuing queries. Queries automatically filter data corresponding to set time period. The goal is to make incident / event investigation seamless by querying data for set time.

The investigate UI has also been enhanced with other capabilities, performance and UI improvements. New UI is more static, requires less user involvement to operate and navigate while running queries. It also includes following feature enhancements

  • Query History - All queries executed are captured in "History" tab.
  • Autocomplete of table and column names.
  • Table schema help - Under schema tab, using the help icon next to a table would popup a window, detailing table and column descriptions
  • SQL query results presented in sortable / filterable Data Grid

Event Rules has new UI layout.

Improvements to Schedule Reports.

Un-throttle of an Alter Rule - Option to un-throttle an Alert Rule. In Configuration → Alert rules, 'Throttled' icon is now clickable to un-throttle a throttled Alert Rule.