Platform 55019 / Osquery : Release Notes

Platform 55019 / Osquery : Release Notes

Announcing Uptycs platform 55019 and Osquery, released Feb 17, 2020

New Features

Introducing Interactive query editor for query pack queries
With this release, Uptycs provides the capability to test individual query pack queries before being deployed using its powerful SQL query interface.

Improvements / Fixes

Platform Release 55019
  • Several back-end performance improvements

Osquery Release

With this osquery release, Uptycs provides more docker centric tables.

Following customer related issues were also addressed in this release.

  • ENG-5474 : Proxy issues on some endpoints
  • ENG-5723 : Ability to have different logging levels for osquery worker log
  • ENG-6133: docker_container table not capturing data for stopped containers 
  • ENG-6655 : Surface3 laptop enrollment issues
  • ENG-6748 : logged_in_user table reporting incorrect data

Uptycs Support Team